We provide a personalized development program in order to cultivate children to think independently, willing to innovate and solve problems through active learning. The purpose is to practice the concept of 5-S, to cultivate children’s habits of self–discipline and to let them enjoy learning in a caring, pleasant & safety environment.
Revolving around the children’s interests and development, with the "Child-oriented" focus, we cater to improve their abilities in a creative and enlightening environment to show their talent and capabilities. In order for children to gain a balanced development through life experiences, sensory contacts, various exploration activities and fun games, both bi-literate and tri-lingual game based learning. We will follow the "Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide" (2017) to plan curriculum. Children of nursery classes will not be asked to write, and there will not be mechanical copying exercises and drills on calculation.
By using Theme topic-based implementation of “comprehensive activities” to integrate their knowledge and understanding of various disciplines. With the combination of the school and parent organization, we incorporate the concept of “project study” to acquire and strengthen their knowledge through games, site visits and other activities.