Support to Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Children


Learning Support:

We provide learning support for individual children with a NCS teaching assistant. Through games to enhance the interest of NSC children in Chinese and consolidate their Chinese learning. We provide diversified activities for their learning needs to enhance their motivation and interest in learning and build self-esteem and self-confidence. We encourage Chinese speaking children and NCS children to build friendships, help them integrate into classroom activities and promote Chinese language development.


Inclusive Culture:

  • Organize NCS parent group
  • Promote multicultural activities that connect NCS and Chinese speaking families and to understand each other's cultural characteristics
  • Arrange community experience activities to enhance their sense of belonging to the community
  • Learn to respect different cultures and play the spirit of racial equality


Parent Support:

  • Assist NCS parents to understand the school's vision and to enhance their awareness and recognition of school development
  • Organize parent talks, workshops and parent-child activities
  • Strengthen family functions and the role of parents in children's learning process to promote parent-child relationship
  • Translate school announcements and information for parents by professional translator


Contact us:

Tel: 2721 0081