School Profile
Hong Kong 5-S Kindergarten & International Child Care Centre was founded in 2000 to establish a public education system & standards for Early Childhood Education &Development. This is the first Kindergarten in Hong Kong to provide the quality of education from the 5-S teaching & learning methods.
Director’s message
A parent once said, ‘When my child has got to the stage where they are able to walk, I believe that they have the ability to put back the toy’s from where they got them from by themselves. From that moment, I gave them the responsibility of tidiness.’ From the moment that a child is able to control their body, they can gradually start to control their surroundings around them. As a parent and teacher, our main mission is to let our children grow up with independence and cultivate children to have high self-esteem in their early childhood development stage. They can then start to take care of themselves independently. For us as an adult, our role is to provide a suitable environment, give opportunities, hold discussions and support the children, which is the objective behind the 5-S method.
Director: Ms. Iris Tam
Our Vision
Based on “People-oriented, child-centered”, we provide the whole-person development quality education for our children to develop their own characters. By practicing the 5-S concept which help children to establish a positive and confident outlook on life, as well as to achieve the vision of lifelong learning in the pursuit of excellence.